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I work exclusively with organic farming, having found over 30 years of being at the forefront of organic farming in the UK that it really does work, it is commercially viable and provides effective solutions to many of the problems facing food, farming, the environment and society.

Organic farming does not have all the answers but it does go further than any other farming system to address the problems that face agriculture and society in a finite world, and it provides the best basis for the future.

Organic farming is rooted in principles that put the concept of a holistic view of the world (linking the health of the soil, plant, animal and humankind), into practice through soil management, crop rotation, recycling and minimising inputs. Organic farming causes less pollution, enhances wildlife, reduces the use of finite resources and produces quality food.

Mark Measures Associates is a consultancy business that provides information, advice and support to farmers and landowners, commercial businesses, research projects and policy groups wishing to manage, develop or support organic farms. Mark Measures is the principle consultant; other specialist advisers are engaged as needed for specific projects. We work mainly in the UK, but have extensive experience or organic farming in many other parts of the world. We offer a unique combination of technical expertise, business knowledge and advisory experience.

organic, farming, advice

Mark Measures BSc. (Hons.),
IOTA (Accredited), ARAgS

Organic Farm Management Handbook

11th edition (2017)

Co-writtten by Mark Measures, this is a ‘must have’ publication for everyone
interested in the business of organic
farming and growing.

The 11th Edition of the Organic Farm Management Handbook is in preparation and will be available in early 2017. As usual it will provide all the latest information on organic grants, the state of the market and gross margins for a wide range of enterprises. Copies will be available from Organic Research Centre on 01488 658298

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